VIRO?is a superior-quality polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength. Our extrusion process creates a synthetic fiber which is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof and resistant to temperature variations. In addition, it is extremely durable, as evidenced by its UV and weather-resistance. VIRO?is also especially suitable for weaving, producing beautiful and elegant outdoor furniture. In addition, VIRO?is suitable for many other exterior and interior applications.

Environmentally-friendly (non-toxic & recyclable ). VIRO does not contain PVC, it is 100% HDPE ( High-Density Polyethylene ).
Highly customizable ( wide range of profiles, colors, textures, surface effects ). At the moment we have over than 5.000 unique items. We can color match based on Pantone or RAL color book.
Three years warranty
Easy maintenance
Leader in the industry, used by top brands in Europe & USA.
Specially designed and engineered for outdoor use, UV stabilized HDPE. We perform several tests to ensure our product's durability, such as accelerating weathering test in Q Lab, Arizona - where our products are exposed to direct sunlight. Every 1 year of testing is equivalent to 5 years normal exposure to real sunlight.
Different grades available
Permanent Fire Retardant ( FR )grade that passes InternationalMaritime Organization (IMO)standards IMO A652 (16)
Anti Odor grade. By law we are not permitted to claim antimicrobial without FDA approval. However we use the same additives that is used for antimicrobial products, such as hand cleaners.
Permanent Anti Static / Anti Dust grade.
Anti Chlorine grade, for specific high chlorine exposure application.
Being the largest in the industry, we provide CERTAINTY to our customers;
CERTAINTY in QUALITY - We are an ISO 9001 company, running SAP software as our ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ). We also use high quality materials for our basic ingredients. For that reason, recently VIRO has been inducted into the prestigious Material ConneXion library.
CERTAINTY in DELIVERY - We allocate specific equipments to produce your orders to meet your production schedule (schedule provided by customers )
CERTAINTY in PRICE - We announce price change every January and implement the new price by June, barring unforeseen major fluctuation, we hold price for 1 ( one ) full year.
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